International Bücker Meeting

Thun airfield 31.8. – 2.9.2018

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The Event

The International Bücker Meeting on the airfield of Thun (LSZW) in the Berner Oberland, in Switzerland will take place From the 31st August till the 2nd September. In the centre of this three-day event is an international meeting for Bücker machines and their pilots coming from all over Europe. Beside these legendary biplanes we expect further veteran aeroplanes and guests.


For the pilots there will be the possibility to participate on a seminar called “Flying safely in the Alps”. Beside theory and reports from FOCA and SUST (Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA and Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board STSIB) the pilots will get the possibility to practise their knowledge. Flying instructors will accompany you in your own airplane so you can fly a tour in the Alps.


This public event is organised by the newly founded association AIR-THUN. This association is a union of all associations of the airfield of Thun. The event is organised by an innovative team of AIR-THUN, which is well connected in the aviation environment in Switzerland and abroad. These people have a great experience in organizing and carrying out such events.


Thank you for reserving this date and we are looking forward to giving you more information about the event and its programme.


Andreas Wegier


Phone: +41 79 432 09 80



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